One of the biggest benefits of joining us here at LMBK Surf House is the individual photo analysis you will receive from our expert coaches. We all know it too well. You’re riding a wave, thinking you’re carving it up like Kelly Slater, throwing buckets of [...]

There’s a reason we’ve chosen to call this island home and we love sharing it with all our valued guests. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration on things to do and places to visit before, during and after your stay with us, we’ve put together [...]
Shortboards typically range in size from 5’6” to 6’6” and have a more pointed nose than longboards. They are more often than not set up as thrusters (a three-fin set up) though there are many different fin configurations that allow for different experiences including a twin [...]
When you decide to take the leap and try surfing you probably thought to yourself, it’s just a sport. Something fun to do on the weekends or a cool photo to post on your Instagram. Little did you know that surfing can ingrain itself into your [...]

Planning your trip to Lombok and want to bring your own surfboard over with you? We get it! A surfboard can be like a comfortable, worn pair of shoes. Once you’re familiar with a board’s dimensions and the way it responds, it can help you make [...]

Here at LMBK Surf Camp we cater to all surf levels so rest assured we can fire up your stoke! Whether it’s standing up for the first time, doing your first top turn or tucking in to the barrel, we’ve got you covered with our Surf and [...]

Follow our Surf Fit Program for 1-2 weeks before your Surf Camp experience with LMBK to improve your mobility, core strength, balance, coordination and pop up. We will also be running this workout with an experienced instructor every Tuesday which is included in your surf and [...]

Just like any paradise that is slightly off the beaten track, there is travel involved.  There are a number of routes and methods to travel from Bali to Lombok. To put it simply, you will either need to fly or catch a boat.  This post will [...]

An early morning, as you rise before the sun, the Call to Prayer from a nearby mosque sounds faintly in the background.  A quick coffee, a banana to go, and you pile into the car, surfboards loaded tall on the roof.  Tired eyes watch the scenery [...]

Lombok is a surfer’s island, just about everyone is here to surf or learn to surf [...]