LMBK Surf House

Day in the life at LMBK Surf House

Lombok surfing on beach

Day in the life at LMBK Surf House

Lombok surfing on beach

An early morning, as you rise before the sun, the Call to Prayer from a nearby mosque sounds faintly in the background. 

A quick coffee, a banana to go, and you pile into the car, surfboards loaded tall on the roof. Tired eyes watch the scenery pass through the window, as you make your way to the surf break. 

Don’t worry, we don’t surf at sunrise every morning.

The boards are unloaded and reloaded onto a local boat. The boat captain manoeuvres his way through a maze of fishing boats, as he has done time and time again. 

His many years on the water given away by the deep sun lines that reveal themselves when he smiles. 

The sun glows orange as it rises to the east, revealing deep blue oceans and the glistening of waves as they grow tall and fold over themselves. An extra layer of sunscreen for the face and wax for the surfboard. 

There is no better way to wake up the body than jumping in the ocean bright and early and paddling into a line up.  

Lombok surfing camp

Here you wait patiently, floating on the surface of the ocean until a rolling hill of water moves towards you. With the encouragement and help from one of our knowledgeable local guides, you’re in just the right spot. 

You paddle hard, pop up to your feet, stay low and ride the wave, a feeling only those that have experienced it will understand. 

You ride it all the way to the end, until finally it flattens out and you gleefully fall into the sea, surfacing with salty eyes and a smile. 

A couple of hours later and your arms feel heavy, your skin sun kissed and salty. 

Surfed out is a unique type of tired. A whole-body experience, one that leaves you smiling, an indication of a session well surfed. 

The boat ride back is filled with chatter of waves caught, waves missed and wipe outs. 

surf boats

Before you know it, you’re back in Kuta, many other travellers are just starting out their day. 

Ravenous, you enjoy a breakfast made by our team at LMBK. 

Perhaps a smoothie bowl or an omelette. Or you venture out to one of the many cafés close by for a quality cup of coffee. 

There are many ways to enjoy the next few hours. Reading a book by the pool. A massage to knead out those tired muscles. Strolling through the trendy surf shops located on the main strip. Perhaps a nap after lunch.

This is, after all, what island life is all about. It is the embodiment of cruising through your day. 

The only timeline for you to follow is the rising and falling of the tides.

Remember that your stay here is highly customisable. Let our staff know what you would like to do while here and we can organise it for you.  

surfing Lombok

So, what’s on for the afternoon? 

Well, that depends on what day it is here at LMBK and it’s all included in our surf and stay package. 

On Mondays you’ll go through some surf theory with your coaches. 

We cover the basics of paddling and pop-up techniques, reading the waves and water safety for our beginners, before delving into a more in-depth Q&A session – giving our intermediate and advanced surfers a chance to discuss all things surfing – from speed generation to getting the most out of your turns. 

You’re in for a second surf session on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday – so enjoy a nice big lunch to get those extra calories in.

If you can’t quite muster up the energy, watch the setting sun light up the sky from a hill top view point. 

Stretch out those tight muscles and relax at our guided yoga session on Wednesday. 

Who can resist that last 10 minutes of meditation at the end? Achieve the ultimate relaxed state for your mind and body. 

surf beach Lombok

Enjoy a family dinner with your surf mates, while going through the surf analysis on Thursday. A delicious meal is cooked up and shared with new friends. 

One of our surf experts run through photos and videos of our guests, showing you exactly what you’re doing well and areas you can improve on.

From your stance on your board, to your position on the wave, you will get advice specific to you.

There is no better way to push your surfing to the next level than by observing photos and videos of yourself.

The table is alive with chatter as you applaud each other’s rides and chuckle at waves gone wrong.

And, of course, make mental notes of which photos and videos you’re going to post on your Instagram for your friends stuck back home to admire. 

To mix things up we have our community surf skate session on Saturday afternoon. 

Highly translatable to surfing this gives you a chance to work on body positioning and manoeuvring on land. 

But it’s not all about technique, we play some tunes and hang out for an all-round good vibe. 

After dinner, stick around for some Bintangs at the camp. Or hit the town for a cocktail or two at happy hour, a game of pool, live music, dancing.

Ask our friendly staff what’s on that night and we’ll tell you exactly where to find what you’re looking for.

But don’t forget to check what time your surf session starts the next day! Because tomorrow, we do it all over again. 

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