Why you should choose Lombok as your next surf destination

Surfing Lombok

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The Island

Lombok, the island next to the Island of the Gods.

Far less well known than its next-door neighbour, therein lies its charm

With no shortage of white sand beaches, warm blue waters and fun waves, many frequently compare it to a Bali that existed before its engulfment by mass tourism.

Just a short 30-minute flight from Bali, once you arrive, you’ll wonder why more people don’t make the journey while simultaneously being thankful for this very fact.

Lombok is a surfer’s island. Just about everyone you meet here surfs or is here learning to surf.

Surf culture and exploration runs through the very being of this island.

Lombok surfing camp

This common interest connects the people here automatically, with a default conversation topic that we can all spend hours delving into.

All it takes is a smile and the local Sasak people will beam back at you, welcoming you with open arms and a unique and endearing playfulness.

Drive a mere 10 minutes out of town and you’re on rugged roads, stopping for water buffalo to cross as local farmers go about their daily jobs.

This place feels like Indonesia, not just another tourist destination.

Lombok delivers the perfect location for the ultimate surf trip and with our surf and stay packages, LMBK surf house allows you to get the most out of this slice of paradise we call home.

With a combination of year-round swell, epic scenery, immersive culture and the adventure one only achieves when venturing off the beaten track, you won’t be sorry you came.

surfing Lombok

The Waves

Lombok has waves to suit all surfing abilities.

Are you looking to start your inevitably lifelong pursuit of waves by standing up on a board for the very first time?

Maybe you want to start catching green waves, waiting for that moment that a moving body of water created by a storm thousands of kilometres away lifts you up and propels you forward.

Perhaps you want your first cut back or snap off the lip. Whatever you are trying to achieve in surfing, Lombok is the place for it.

From what some refer to as one of the best lefts on the planet in Desert Point to the mellow, peeling right hander of Gerupuk Inside, there is a perfect wave for you here.

The guides at LMBK know these waves better than anybody, and will be able to select the right wave for the day based on your abilities and the conditions.

These waves break on offshore reefs. To get you there, we load the surfboards onto a local boat and set out on the search.

surf beach in Lombok

There is an extra element of adventure added to the experience when hunting for waves by boat. 

The wind in your face, one hand trailing in the water as you motor to breaks where you can still find yourself in an uncrowded line-up, with your pick of waves (don’t tell anyone).

The Best Time To Come To Lombok

Lombok has consistent swell all throughout the year. With its tropical climate, there are two main seasons.

The dry season between May and September brings consistent sunshine and temperatures. While this time can bring trade winds, there are plenty of protected surf breaks to choose from.

And when you’re not surfing, you can enjoy the perfect beaches spotted along the coast.

Don’t be put off by the wet season between October and April, with many preferring the rainy season.

Unlike Bali, which is ravaged by onshore winds during the wet season, these same winds produce clean and glassy conditions in Lombok.

There are also less travellers, meaning quieter line ups and more waves and with short monsoonal storms, we still get our fair share of sunshine.

The locals and expats that call this island home longingly await the rainy season each year, so definitely don’t count it out.

Lombok waves for surfing

Things To Do In Lombok Other Than Surfing

Looking for some other things to do outside of surfing? Rest up and sip a coconut or fresh fruit juice from one of the warungs on Tanjung Aan, one of the most beautiful beaches on the south coast.

Get yourself a massage at one of the spas spotted throughout Kuta.

Enjoy the restaurants and cafes that offer a combination of delicious western dishes and local cuisine.

Or explore some other spots around the island by renting a scooter or a private car for the day.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, head up to northern Lombok to tackle the epic Mount Rinjani, a 3726m volcano that that can be climbed in 2-3 days.

The hard work is well worth the unrivalled views at the summit.

We’ll have an ice cold Bintang waiting for you when you get back.

surf beach Lombok

Our surf and stay package is customisable so be sure to let our staff know the things you’d like to do while here and we can make it happen.

So what are you waiting for?

The water’s warm, the coconuts are cold and the mie goreng is fresh out of the pan.

We here at LMBK can’t wait to show you around. We’ll save you a spot on the boat.

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