LMBK Surf House

More than just a Surf Camp

Your Home in Lombok

Relax. Surf. Enjoy.
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Located in the center of Kuta, Lombok, our beautiful property is an oasis of calm to recharge, relax and connect before a full week of surfing the best waves in Lombok.

There will never be more than two students per instructor and we create groups based on skill level, so you will always be surfing waves suitable for your skill level and surfing goals.

Throughout the week, our guides will instruct you in and out of the water, with coaching, surf theory lessons, and photo analysis reviews.

Whether you’ve been surfing for years or catching your first wave, our goal at LMBK is to set you up for future success and increase your overall confidence in surfing.


Choose between a spacious private room or take a bed in our luxury dorm. Either way you will share many stories with fellow travelers and meet new friends. Our hotel is 18+ so there are no children anywhere on property.

At LMBK we bring the community together to advance the sport of Surfing and make the experience better for all those who love the ocean.

Ready to level up your surfing?


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