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Planning your trip to Lombok and want to bring your own surfboard over with you? We get it!

A surfboard can be like a comfortable, worn pair of shoes.

Once you’re familiar with a board’s dimensions and the way it responds, it can help you make the most out of your waves.

While you can always make use of one of the many boards, we have here at LMBK, if you are planning on bringing your own surfboard, here is the relevant information on the policies of some of the main airlines that fly into Lombok and links to their respective websites.

This information is valid as of April 2023.

Lion Air Group

The Lion Air Group consists of Lion Air, Wings Air and Batik Air, the three main airlines that fly into Lombok from Bali.

They all have the same policy when travelling with surfboards.

  • Surfboards must be packaged neatly and safely in a surfboard bag, with a maximum weight of 23kg.
  • The length of board permitted is based on the aircraft type so be sure to check what aircraft you are on if you’re travelling with a mid-length board or longer.
  • If you are flying on the Jet Type Aircraft (JT/ID) the maximum length is 230cm (about 7 feet 6 inches).
  • If flying on the propeller-type aircraft (IW), the maximum length is 200cm (about 6 feet 6 inches).
  • You will be charged a handling fee per surfboard (per board not per bag). See below for price examples based on point of sale.
Point of SaleAmount ( as at Apr 2023 )
IndonesiaIDR 200,000
SingaporeSGD 20.00
MalaysiaMYR 60.00
AustraliaAUD 20.00
TaiwanTWD 410
ChinaCNY 100
ThailandTHB 475
OthersUSD 20.00


Air Asia Indonesia

According to Air Asia, travellers are now entitled to take one 15kg surfboard free of charge under their Free Surfboard Policy (last update in February 2023).

You simply arrive to the Air Asia check-in counter and ask a staff member to assist you.

This is dependent on departure point, so be sure to double check with your specific journey.

The Free Surfboard Policy applies for all flights departing to and from Australia (except i5 and DJ) including Fly-Thru.

Surfboards must be packed in a recognised surfboard bag and must not exceed 277cm in length (about 9 feet 1 inch).

The surfboard bag cannot exceed 32kg in weight.


Garuda Indonesia

Garuda offers a free additional 23kg of baggage for sporting equipment such as surfboards subject to space availability.

The length of the board cannot exceed 300cm (about 9 feet 10 inches) for most aircrafts.

There are a couple of exceptions if travelling on different aircrafts.

The CRJ1000 aircraft has a maximum length of 230cm (about 7 feet 6 inches) and the ATR aircraft has a maximum length of 160cm (about 5 feet 3 inches).

If you have connecting flights, the baggage rules will apply to the aircraft with the smallest length limit.

If surfboards exceed 300cm or 32kg, they must be transported by GA Cargo.

Be sure to contact Garuda before your flight to ensure their oversized baggage limit has not been reached yet.


For passengers who are not Citisport members, sports baggage will incur an additional fee, these are provided in the table below (fee not including Value Added Tax).

There is also an excess fee for weight over 30kg.

The number and dimensions of surfboard allowed on the flight are dependent on the aircraft.

For the Airbus 320, a maximum of ten surfboards is permitted and the length cannot exceed 227cm (about 7 feet 5 inches).

For the ATR 72-600, a maximum of two surfboards is permitted, with a length that cannot exceed 170cm (about 5 feet 7 inches).

WeightPrice DomesticPrice International
0-5kgIDR 111,000IDR 150,000
6-10kgIDR 166,500IDR 200,000
11-15kgIDR 222,000IDR 250,000
16-20kgIDR 277,500IDR 300,000
21-25kgIDR 333,000IDR 350,000
26-30kgIDR 388,500IDR 400,000



Scoot includes surfboards and other sporting equipment in their baggage allowance.

Simply purchase the amount of luggage weight you need which will include your checked baggage and surfboard bag combined.

The maximum weight of a single item is 32kg with a maximum length of 230cm (about 7 feet 6 inches).


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